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We campaign for reform of the laws and funding arrangements relating to trade unions. We do not oppose trade unions right to exist and to campaign on issues which are important to them. However, we do not believe that the hard pressed tax payer should be forced to pay for their campaigns either directly or indirectly. Furthermore, we believe that when trade unions take action which affects the wider public it should have a greater element of democratic legitimacy.

We provide quality research into trade union related affairs which highlight these issues. We welcome engagement from trade unionists, taxpayers, users of public services and the media who wish to engage with us. We are happy to provide media spokesmen or speakers for debates and public fora on these issues.

This organisation is run on a voluntary basis by people who work in both the public and private sectors, outside of their normal work hours. Just as trade unions should be.

Who are we?

Chairman: Aidan Burley MP

Aidan Burley MPAidan Burley is Member of Parliament for Cannock Chase.  First elected in the 2010 General Election, he achieved the largest swing from Labour to the Conservatives in the whole country – a whopping 14.02%. After leaving Oxford University, Aidan worked as a researcher before joining an international firm of Management Consultants, where he specialised in projects designed to improve the Criminal Justice System.  He also helped to deliver projects working closely with government departments such as the Home Office, Cabinet Office and the Department of Health, as well as the NHS.

Chief Executive: Mark Clarke

Mark ClarkeMark Clarke’s business background has spanned the industry and consultancy working for Procter & Gamble, Mars, The Boston Consulting Group and now works in strategy consultancy in the City of London. He is also a Director of the Young Briton’s Foundation and President of the League of Friends of St George’s Hospital. While standing in for Parliament in Tooting for the Conservative Party he stumbled across the infamous Jane Pilgrim who abused her well paid taxpayer funded trade union position.

Press Officer: Andre Walker

Andre WalkerAndre has a wealth of experience working in Press for the Greater London Assembly, Westminster Council, Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Windsor and Maidenhead Council and various Members of Parliament.



Parliamentary Liaison Officer: Harry Cole

Harry ColeHarry Cole is a journalist and blogger. He is currently the News Editor of Guido Fawkes and the UK Political Editor of The Commentator. He has actively campaigned against publicly funded trade union officials through his work. He is a regular broadcast commenter on politics and social media.

2 Comments to About Us

  • Matt says:

    Brilliant stuff guys. Keep it up. I can’t describe how angry the thought that I’m paying for Labour and the Unions out of my taxes makes me. Please, for the sake of the ordinary working man, do everything you possibly can to end this theft.

    Thank you.

  • Adam Wissen says:

    Can I ask where your funding comes from?

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