Fleeced by the unions

Posted by Admin on April 01, 2012

WHEN militant union chiefs are out to destroy the Government, their weapon of first choice is the misery they have the power to inflict on millions.
We saw it in the 1970s. We saw it again in Len McCluskey’s call to wreck the Olympics and his threat to bring Britain to its knees by drying up fuel supplies.

The worst-hit victims are working people prevented from going about their daily business.

So it would be madness for a system to exist where those people compulsorily but unwittingly fund the very unions plotting to bring them hardship.

Incredibly, that is exactly Britain’s situation.

The Sun has discovered Unite officials get at least £4million a year of taxpayers’ money. It could be as high as £10million.

The public sector, for which we foot the bill, has to pay the equivalent of 154 full-time salaries to Unite officials for working on union business.

Some work full-time for Unite. They do nothing else — yet WE pay them. Some of what they do has merit. A lot of it is politically-driven rabble rousing and propaganda.

Why do we pay for any of it?

Unite is a huge union with bulging coffers. It can afford to pay McCluskey a handsome six-figure salary.

It can afford the £5million it has given Labour since the unions installed Ed Miliband as leader — effectively a present from taxpayers, it now turns out.

None of this would be quite so repugnant were it not for Unite being engaged in a nakedly political war to topple the Tory-led Government and install its man Miliband in No10.

Taxpayers should not fund Unite, or any unions. They have millions of members paying subscriptions for that.

It is time the Government acted now to cut them adrift.

A sick rip-off

An article from today’s Sun newspaper. Click here to read it online

1 Comment to Fleeced by the unions

  • Stewart Knight says:

    Some of what they do has merit

    Nothing they do, absolutely nothing, that we pay for, has any merit. If it did, we would employ them directly to do it.

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