Camden council prioritises “pilgrims” over children’s play services

Posted by Admin on March 22, 2012

Camden council has rejected a 3% decrease in council tax proposed by the Conservative group within the council. The Labour leader of the council, Cllr Nasim Ali claimed the decrease was not possible, due to central funding cuts. While at the same time his council maintains a building solely for the use of Trade Union staff.

At a time when residents finances are under a great deal of pressure the local Labour Party which receives both income and support from the unions choose to spend their residents money on employing full-time union officials rather than maintaining public services. Last year the council considered closing all council-run play centres, holiday provision and breakfast and after-school clubs in schools, to make savings of between £80m and £100m over three years.

Parents fear the cuts will hit some of the borough’s most vulnerable children. Some mothers have told the Labour-run council they will have to give up work.

One said: “My children need a safe environment to stay while I work. If the play centre closes they will be on the streets, subjected to all kinds of bad influence.”

The condemned playgrounds are Caversham Transitions Project; Regent’s Park Transitions Project; Weedington Road Transitions Project; Fusion Transitions Project; Kilburn Grange Park Adventure Playground; and the Temporary Accommodation Play Project.

Camden Council cabinet member for children, schools and families, Councillor Larraine Revah, said, ‘We have had to make some difficult decisions in this financial climate and we just couldn’t afford to keep the play service running as it was.’

At a time when local services are feeling the pinch Camden Council still hasn’t given up its three full time “pilgrims”, or the building which is provided; with cleaning and maintenance to the unions.

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