Peterborough “Pilgrims” maintain funding due to a 2.95% council tax increase.

Posted by Admin on March 08, 2012

The TPA have found that Peterborough City Council who plan to increase their council tax by 2.95%, out of necessity plan to maintain the funding for their full time UNISON representatives.

The TPA has now identified two full-time tax payer funded UNISON activists within the council. Their high salaries mean that the people of Peterborough are feeling the pinch in order for the council to channel more money into trade union activities.

Rona Hendry the UNISON branch secretary will cost tax payers over £43,600 in the next twelve months. Her branch Assistant Secretary, Mark Burn salary is also fully taxpayer funded, costing Peterborough residents £29,700 a year.

A member of Peterborough City Council; Cllr Irene Walsh explained when you take into account the benefits provided by the council, including free office facilities, the estimated bill to the Peterborough tax payer is £83,500 – 48% more than what was suggested by the TPA in November.

To read the full TPA article and see the letter from Cllr Irene Walsh click here

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