Preview of Our Launch Video Tonight

Posted by TURCpress on January 24, 2012

3 Comments to Preview of Our Launch Video Tonight

  • Stewart Knight says:

    Okay, so there is now a launch video…does that mean we will see more positive posts fighting the TURC corner against the ranting rubbish of the comrades?

  • V.Weber says:

    Who will protect workers if the unions have their teeth pulled? Workers are not the enemy, they are the people, and deserve protection from those who exploit them.

    Public service workers (I am a teacher) need protection from the public, too. Would you risk teaching teens without an organisation to protect you from malicious accusations? If you would, you are crazy.

    • Stewart Knight says:

      Stop talking rubbish, this isn’t the 30′s or even the 40′s. There are more more laws to protect workers than probably any other laws, then there are H&E laws and regs, not to mention plain and simple that employers today need their workers and treat them better than at any time.

      The fact is we don’t need the unions at all, so stop talking rubbish and put the money back into the front-line services. Unless of course you value the union barons millions and perks over nurses?

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