Haringey Council Pays £300,000 for an NUT Pilgrim

Posted by TURCpress on January 23, 2012

Today’s Evening Standard reports:

A new row over taxpayer-funded union officials broke out today as a cash-strapped London council admitted paying more than £300,000 to a National Union of Teachers official.

Julie Davies, who is involved in campaigning against the Government’s school reforms, has not taught since 2000 when she became a five-days-a-week representative of the NUT.

But Haringey council continues to pay her between £35,000 and £45,000 as an English teacher at Northumberland Park Community School. She is among hundreds of public sector staff across Britain paid from the tax purse to carry out union activities under local agreements.

Conservative MPs called it a waste of cash by a council that has complained about spending cuts. Last year it ordered £84 million cuts out of a budget of £273 million, shedding 1,000 jobs. It has the worst primary school results in inner London, with English and maths scores sliding recently.

Enfield North Tory MP Nick de Bois said: “This is a scandalous waste of tax-payer’s money. With priorities skewed in this way, it’s no wonder Labour-run Haringey has consistently failed to deliver improvements to its schools.”

Let us know about other taxpayer funded trade union activists you discover.

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